Heaton-Armstrong Christmas at Lake Macquarie

The kids are counting down the days till Christmas, the shopping is done, the lists are written and the Santa letters are sent. The best bit about Christmas for me though is the family trip to Lake Macquarie. Thankfully Santa reads the letter we leave by the fireplace and delivers all our gifts there, and we spend the best day on or near the water celebrating Christmas in true Aussie style.

Not having grown up with a hot Christmas day it is all still a bit new to me, but this makes it so different to what I was used to that it is hard not to enjoy it. Of course I have to have a bit of turkey just to remind myself that it is the big day, but other than that it is all about cold meats, salads and frozen desserts to keep us cool.

We have to make sure to take the PC so we can Skype with the family back ‘home’. we manage a good long webcam session on Christmas morning (their Xmas Eve) and then again on their Christmas morning so everyone is happy. It is lovely to share some of the day even if we aren’t close by geographically.

Hopefully one day the whole extended family will join us at Lake Macquarie for a big celebration, but until then it will be just us, enjoying the warmth of the summer sun and a few cold beverages by the Lake.


About Toby Heaton-Armstrong

Live in Australia, love sailing on Lake Macquarie
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